Whether they are onsite or working from home, our online ergonomics module addresses common key complaints - neck and back pain, tight shoulders, headaches, and eye strain – from sitting in front of a computer.

Included in the module:

    • Ergonomics@Work booklet covering correct workstation set up checklist, ergonomics & technology, preventing common bodily complaints, protecting your body and office manual handling and more
    • Better Backs & Bodies webinar explores the human spine, posture, proper back care, workstation set up and stretches and exercises for your workday
    • A personal challenge to complete few simple activities throughout the month to optimise your workstation set up, comfort and working environment
    • Information flyers on relieving aches and pains and tips for working from home
    • Great videos on ergonomics at home, simple exercises for your back and neck and tips for good posture
    • Printable Quit the Sit poster for a stretching reminder
    • Plus more tips and advice for easy modifications to your workstation, posture and lifestyle to reduce muscular pain and tension, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury and long-term problems.

The module can quickly and easily be added onto your Healthy Body & Mind Hub.

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