Sleep is an essential function that allows your mind to recharge. Without enough sleep, the brain and body cannot function properly. This can impair your abilities to concentrate, think clearly, process memories and lead to other health issues.

Our sleep module is designed to help employees gain an understanding on the importance of sleep and practical tips to improve sleeping habits and sleep quality.

Included in the module:

  • Sleep & Fatigue Booklet covering topics such as understanding your daytime and night time body clock, physical and psychological fatigue, why we are so tired, eating to reduce fatigue, sleep architecture, healthy sleep habits, how to calculating your sleep debt, drugs, stimulants and sleep
  • Sleep Hygiene Index questionnaire to evaluate sleeping habits 
  • Take away valuable techniques to set oneself up for a good night’s sleep in the 10 Healthy Sleep Tips Webinar
  • Check out the two information sheets on resilience and sleep and common sleep issues & solutions
  • A personal challenge to establish habit changes for a better sleep 
  • Warm up with a bedtime turmeric milk drink
  • Great videos on how drugs and alcohol effect sleep and fatigue and how to get a good night’s sleep.

The module can quickly and easily be added onto your Healthy Body & Mind Hub.

You might like to also consider some of our sleep support merchandise that complement this module and encourage sleep success.

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