Do it for the boys this Movember

Posted on September 20, 2022

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From physical health to mental health, men face a range of health challenges that need to be addressed to have our workplace communities’ function to their fullest potential

November is the perfect time as the month sees several important health awareness events:

  • Movember – prostate cancer
  • International Men’s Day, 19th
  • World Diabetes Day, 14th
  • Lung Health Awareness Month

International Men’s Day 2022

This year's theme in Australia is “Celebrating Mateship”.  Mateship is an enduring part of the Australian culture, especially for men. A solid and authentic network of mates can not only protect men's mental health and make them happier, research shows it helps them live longer too.

Get involved and help your male workforce live longer, better, and healthier lives!

Mateship and Men’s Health Module

Help recognize and celebrate the importance of Mateship with our Men’s Health Module this November. The module provides a dedicated health and wellbeing resource for men to be inspired to be, stronger mentally and physically, and live a more fulfilling life.

Our online Men’s Health module is developed and presented in conjunction with our partner, psychologist, educator, executive coach and wellbeing trainer, Samuel Eddy. Samuel, helps organisations and individuals manage stress and anxiety, develop resilience, tap into creativity and innovation, and make positive changes in culture, career, business, wellbeing, and work/life balance.


  • A live webinar focusing on the tools men need to leverage a network of mates to improve mental health by Samuel Eddy
  • Mindfulness audio recording
  • Flight or fight, a self-assessment quiz
  • Mateship map
  • A short reminder video on letting go of unhelpful programs
  • Emotional outlet pathways flow chart/table

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The module can easily and quickly be added to the your Healthy Body & Mind Hub, or if you don’t have the Hub, it’s also can be a stand-alone program for the month of November.

Health Checks 

Compared to their female counterparts, men suffer from a greater range of physical health conditions, including lung and cardiovascular disease. 

Research tells us that men are nearly twice as likely to  suffer from heart disease; which is also the number one cause of death in men globally. 

Help change these awful statistics and book in HEALTH CHECKS for your employees.

  • 10-minute Healthy Heart checks are time efficient, cost-effective and allow your employees to understand their CVD risk factors
  • 15-minute Health & Lifestyle – a comprehensive check that includes a diabetes type 2 risk assessment

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