Health at Work - Wellbeing Programs for Companies and Employees

Online Health & Wellbeing Hub

The Hub is an online education platform that will give your employees easy access to a range of mind and body resources. The resources will support their health and wellbeing at a time that suits them, on any device, and whether working from the office or home.

For small organisations the Hub's resources provide a comprehensive health and wellbeing program that can be supported by workplace conversations. For larger workplaces the Hub's resources will support your broader health and wellbeing program.

As we face this once-in-a-generation crisis we have now adapted our programs and the content to be Covid19 responsive and inclusive. Offering at home and at work alternatives to keep your employees supported, connected and productive.

The Hub will:

  1. Reach 100% of employees with internet access
  2. Be easy to set up and implement (we will do all the work for you)
  3. Be cost effective and environmentally sustainable
  4. Give employees access via a URL unique to your company and then access to the information that interests them

All subscriptions include:

  • Your company logo on your Hub 
  • Reporting
    • Quarterly insight reports
    • Annual detailed report
  • Unlimited access
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Here’s what our clients have to say…

The Healthy Body and Mind dashboard[Hub] has been a welcome resource during the challenging times of Covid19 lockdown.

It offers a combination of tips and tricks, in-depth health information balanced with some fun cooking ideas to share with the family.

Our organization has certainly embraced it and it has brought a real connection for all those working remotely.

Sally Kane, EHS Manager - Agilent Technologies

Healthy Body & Mind Hub
The Essentials

Each monthly Hub is themed, currently COVID-19 responsive, and can be shared directly with your employees.

Every month your Hub will feature:

Jump into Life newsletter: 5 contemporary articles presented in an online magazine style.

Mind & body feature: a deep dive into one specific topic in an online & printable poster series.

Weekly Educational videos: 4 x 1-5 minute video on a current mind and body hot topic and relevant to COVID-19.

Recipe: a simple, delicious and easy to cook healthy meal idea.

Webinar: a 30-minute webinar presented by qualified professionals live & on demand.

BONUS feature during COVID-19 crisis, starting MAY 2020:

Live Classes: Accessible exercises to do at your desk or area of work, such as 2 x 15 minute Stretching and Mindfulness classes each week. 

Please call 1300 245 203, or email to order the Hub.