Health at Work offer a number of options to suits your company’s ergonomic requirements. Our qualified Occupational Therapists and Ergonomists will assess your company’s requirements and advice on the most suitable program.

Options available:

  • Workplace Assessment & report
  • Workstation / Worksite Set Up – individual or roaming
  • Truck & Car Assessment
  • Better Backs & Bodies – seminar / workshop
  • Train the Trainer – Office Ergonomics
  • Postural Assessments

Manual Handling

Manual Handling can potentially cause many back related problems due to inadequate stretching prior to exertion or incorrect handling procedures, previous injuries, poor health and current work related requirements.

Options available:

  • Manual Handling risk assessments & report
  • Pre work stretching and educational material
  • Lift & Load - training seminar
  • Train the Trainer – Manual Handling

Train the Trainer

ERGONOMIC TRAINING - ‘Train the Trainer’

Health at work can offer training in Basic Ergonomic Workstation Assessment for a few interested staff members in how to undertake and perform basic ergonomic assessments. This will allow the trained staff to ergonomically assess new starters or those who change workstations and also address issues as soon as they are raised by any staff member. This is a set over a full day or two half days and has both educational and practical components.


Health at Work offers training in Manual Handling for specific employee’s e.g. Health and Safety Representatives, HR dept -  in the basic principles of  manual handling, injury prevention and how to correctly demonstrate to either new or existing employees how to undertake and perform basic manual handling tasks.

This is a set over a full day or two half days and has both educational and practical components.

Fit 4 Work Assessments

These assess the employee’s suitability for the role and their ability to perform the inherent requirements of the role without risk of injury or aggravating existing conditions. These can be conducted as a pre-employment assessment, when employees change roles within the company or for employees returning to work post injury.

The health practitioner will undertake an injury screening questionnaire, to ascertain what injuries an applicant may have or had. They will perform a physical examination and functional capacity evaluation to assess the applicant’s/employee’s range of movements and strength in relation to the inherent requirements of the position being applied for.

The evaluation may involve:

  • Lifting / Carrying
  • Sitting / Posture
  • Pushing / Pulling
  • Bending & Squatting
  • Floor Sitting & Kneeling