Health Checks

Health@Work offers a variety of onsite health checks, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes per appointment (see table below). Health Check inclusions will vary accordingly. All health checks can be developed with a company’s specific requirements.

Employees obtain a comprehensive understanding of their current health, together with an understanding of how to make sustainable changes to improve their health and lifestyle risks. Each employee receives a results and information booklet.

Companies are provided with a detailed, de-identified report of the current health risks faced by their workforce, providing the opportunity to measure subsequent improvements and develop tailored health initiatives such as nutrition & weight management, sleep & fatigue education and physical exercise.

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Onsite Assessments

  • Heart Health Check
  • Health & Lifestyle Check
  • Health Check Plus
  • Health Check Premium
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Body Age Scan
  • Skin Checks
  • Postural Analysis
  • Pre-employment and Termination Medicals
  • Fit For Work Assessments
  • Spirometry & Audiology
  • Vaccinations 

Skin Checks

Skin Check consultations are conducted by a General Practitioner or Skin Specialist who will thoroughly assess the employees' skin using a derma-scope. These 10 minute consultations are highly valuable in determining whether there are any irregularities of the skin that require further examination. If the GP/ Skin Specialist does identify any abnormalities, they will provide referrals as required.

  • Assessment of suspected skin conditions or irregularities viewed through a derma-scope

  • Full Body or part there of – participant’s choice

  • Depending on area being checked - removal of clothing optional

  • Conducted in a private room onsite

  • Referrals advised if required

  • Information handouts for each participant

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Company Health Risk Profile Report

This is an extremely detailed report and can be specifically tailored to suit your company’s reporting requirements. It allows for a centralised reporting structure which collates all data into one detailed report and compares it to industry specific statistics or the broader Australian population.

Health Check Data Management

The data obtained from the health checks conducted on site is immediately entered into a specialized secure database. This software creates a permanent and evolving record of employees’ results, offering an opportunity for monitoring and measurement of changes in either the individual or population as a whole over time. This is used to calculate quantifiable Return On Investment.