Men's & Women's Health

What are the real health and nutrition issues of Australian men & women today and why? These health initiatives will educate attendees about the health issues that men & women face today and enable them to identify their own individual risks and early warning signs.

They will give them the opportunity to debunk the confusing health myths they are continually faced with.

Through a winning blend of the most up to date research, these initiatives will motivate and empower to make better choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Some popular topics include:

Men’s & Women's Health Initiatives

  • Awareness & Education Packs
  • Men's & Women's Health Checks
  • National Awareness Weeks
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Information Booklets
  • DVD Seminars


Men’s Health Seminars

  • The Healthy Rooster Series: discussing the issues men never discuss!
  • Top Secret Men's Business
  • Men - Fit 4 Work / Healthy 4 Life


Women's Health Seminars

  • Fabulously Fit & Healthy Females
  • The 'Superwoman Syndrome' - how to get the right balance!
  • Turning 'Horror Moans' back into Hormones