We have over 30 seminars and workshops, that are presented by highly qualified and engaging presenters on a national basis. The content is developed in conjunction with industry experts and
are in line with the Australian Government health guidelines.

We have a wide variety of client centric seminars that have been developed to directly address demographics, logistics and the specific needs of work roles. 

Any of our standard seminars or workshops can be adapted to your specific requirements. 

Some popular topics include:

  • Men’s & Woman’s Health
  • Believe Achieve Succeed: Coping with Change
  • Mastering Resilience
  • The Truth about Food…what’s really in it?
  • Power Lunch & Energy Snacks
  • Fit4Work/Healthy4Life
  • Exercise in no Time
  • Better Backs & Bodies
  • Sleep Well & Fight Fatigue
  • Health on the Go

All seminars can be adapted to:

  • Office settings
  • Blue collar
  • Worksite/toolbox settings
  • Development days
  • Conferences

All our seminars are supported with:

  • Promotional posters and emails
  • Information handouts
  • Email reminder service
  • Evaluation reporting system