We have a variety of subscriptions that work as standalone education, or can be implemented to support an Annual Health Program or ad-hoc initiatives for maximum impact and education.

Subscriptions have been developed to target all employees, whether they take information in visually or auditory, have access or not to computers, or use iPads or smart phones.


'Jump into Life' Newsletter

These monthly flyers promote the most relevant National Awareness weeks/days/month, and contain simple yet effective articles that educate and entice employee to seek further information.

Approximately containing up to 5 articles with quotes, recipes, new apps etc. there is always an article that relates to most employees. 

They are sent to you as a PDF attached via a Promotional Email, for you to then forward as a Send All to your employee base and can be uploaded onto your intranet site as part of your Health Portal.


'The Loo Down' Poster Series

The Loo Down Educational Posters were developed to be able to capture and educate all employees, even if they don’t have computer access, cant leave their work stations for extended periods, or those who don’t participate in on site activities. 

They are a constant reinforcement of a health theme, with a variety of simple and effective tips that can be implemented by your employees to create change and office conversation. 

These can also be purchased with the title Health & Wellbeing for information boards or as an online resource.