With money worries being one of life’s biggest stressors, providing employees with financial health programs can improve their wellbeing.

Our finance module aims to improve the financial literacy of your workforce and provide the understanding and tools to improve their financial fitness.

Packed full of great resources, it includes:

  • Financial Wellbeing Questionnaire to ascertain their current financial status and what to address
  • Webinar on creating more financial freedom in life
  • A 30-day challenge with tips over the month
  • Practical and informative financial flyers, one of which, our Not So Fantastic Plastic, you can download below
  • Videos to assist with working out a weekly budget and how credit card compounding interest works
  • Savings goals to reach short- and long-term financial goals.

The module can quickly and easily be added to your Healthy Body & Mind Hub

Additionally, it can be complemented with a range of other financial health services for a comprehensive employee financial fitness program, including an online series of three seminars that tackle three important factors essential for navigating the world of personal wealth, including:

  • Understanding and managing finances
  • Budgeting and saving strategies
  • Managing investments and growing superannuation

We can also provide individual wealth tele-consultations as a customised service.

If you want to help employees improve their wealth health, please call 1300 245 203 or submit an enquiry.

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To help you support your workforce's health and wellbeing, download our complimentary information flyer.