Help your employees uncover the magic of mindfulness, build self-awareness, and incorporate meditation practices into their life.

Our Mindfulness module is full of excellent resources, including a quiz to measure mindfulness, a webinar to help become more mindful, a 30-day mindfulness growth challenge, information-packed flyers, a workshop, and practical videos.

Why do you want your employees to become more mindful?  

Mindfulness has many benefits, including improving emotional wellbeing, boosting workplace productivity, and deepening relationships, so it’s great for employees personally and for business.  

Included in the module:

  • A mindfulness & meditation booklet to help you master mindfulness and discover a range of meditation techniques.  
  • Practical videos to help quieten the mind.
  • A mindfulness webinar workshop to enhance focus and presence.  
  • A 30-day mindfulness challenge with simple daily tasks to help you slow down, increase awareness and find inspiration. 
  • A delicious, calming herbal tea.
  • A quiz to find out how mindful you are. 
  • Additional resources to support you on your mindfulness journey.

Subscribe to this module to inspire your employees to develop a mindfulness practice that they can integrate into their everyday life. 

It's easy to add to your Healthy Body & Mind Hub.

If you want your business to become more mindful, you might like to consider complementary mindfulness programs, such as our four-week Becoming Mindfit behavioural change challenge, designed to make employees more balanced, positive and focused. 

To find out more about how you can help support your employees, please call 1300 245 203 or submit an enquiry.

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