When the weather starts to cool, help employees stay healthy and reduce workplace absenteeism.

Our Winter Wellness module educates employees on ways to boost immunity, stay healthy and enjoy winter!

Packed full of great resources, it includes:

  • A comprehensive Winter Wellness booklet to help staff ward off winter bugs, enhance their immunity and nourish themselves with warming recipes
  • A questionnaire to assess their health with steps to build a stronger immune system
  • An information flyer to fight the winter blues and keep spirits high
  • A 30-day challenge, with simple daily tasks to support their body's natural defense mechanism
  • A natural at-home remedy for sore throats, colds, and coughs
  • Practical webinars and videos to improve their overall wellbeing through fitness and nutrition. 

The module can quickly and easily be added to your Healthy Body & Mind Hub for a comprehensive employee winter care program.

If you want to help employees remain healthy and enjoy the cooler weather, please call 1300 245 203 or submit an enquiry.

Winter Wellness June2022 screenshot

To help you support your workforce's health and wellbeing, download our complimentary information flyer.